Remote robotic inspections—a revolutionary new way to ensure the integrity of critical mining assets

NDE Solutions is at the forefront of the remote robotic inspection revolution.

Using innovative robotic systems, we provide a solution that enables us to analyse the integrity of mining assets such as storage tanks without needing to resort to destructive internal inspection, cleaning and lining removal.

Robotic crawler analysing a storage tank

Automated phased array ultrasonic testing enables us to inspect faster than ever with significantly improved detection of integrity threats such as large-scale corrosion, isolated pinhole defects and other degradation.

By combining this technology with a wealth of industry knowledge and the best of remote robotics, we are also able to maximise worker safety during asset inspection, while simultaneously removing the need for at-height, hands-on inspections.

We can provide inspection support from afar.

With remote technology, we were able to access, calibrate and control a system deployed to scan an in-service storage tank—despite being over 1,000 kilometres away caught in isolation due to COVID-19!

Distance is no issue for remote robotic technology, so our supervisor was able to assist our on-site technicians, commanding the ultrasonic scanner in real time and all from a safe location.

We remotely discovered the presence of corrosion

This novel solution is just one of the ways in which remote robotic inspections are changing the landscape of asset inspections in the mining industry—and we are proud to be at the forefront of this exciting revolution.

Instead of intrusive, disruptive inspections, NDE Solutions can assess the quality and remaining life of your valued assets without shutting down operations, and with remote inspections being available as an alternative to antiquated inspection techniques.

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