Ultrasound inspections to assess the integrity of coal seam gas wells

Innovative asset inspection techniques for the oil and gas industry.

At NDE Solutions, we developed an ultrasound inspection for small bore piping that has improved coverage and detection of threats such as microbial induced corrosion (MIC).

By utilising custom phased array ultrasound testing (PAUT) techniques, we have eliminated the risk of radiation as well as improved turnaround from detection of threats to repair and replacement thanks to prompt, same-day reporting.

More accurate and cost-saving asset inspections.

Our in-house PAUT techniques have provided our clients with savings of over 40% when compared with industry standard digital radiography methods.

Better yet, the inspection data we can produce is of a higher quality, comprehensive and produced quicker, providing critical information on remaining wall thickness, degradation levels and MIC on first pass.

Indeed, our in-service inspection of coal seam gas wells has highlighted the growing concerns surrounding loss of containment resulting from MIC. With our innovative techniques, we empower clients to maintain asset integrity, reducing environmental pollution and improving on-site health and safety—without ever affecting production.

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