It’s clear that Australia—and in particular South Australia—is going to be home to new and powerful technologies and incredible feats of engineering previously unseen in the nation.

Indeed, one only needs to recall the famous torpedoing of Australia’s French submarine contract in favour of nuclear subs under the AUKUS defence pact to see the writing on the wall.

At NDE Solutions, we’re already equipped to take on the challenge of inspecting significant defence assets.

Our innovative team is capable of deploying cutting-edge and non-destructive techniques to assess the integrity of critical defence assets. We can perform in-service inspections and utilise the best of remote robotics as well as bespoke engineering solutions to provide accurate information as to the status of these assets. Best of all, our inspection services are delivered with minimal disruption.

With our intelligence, making informed, strategic decisions will be easy—facilitating extended asset life and avoiding catastrophic asset failure.

Nobody wants an important asset, particularly a vital and costly defence asset, to meet an untimely end.

It goes without saying but there’s much riding on contracts such as the AUKUS nuclear submarine deal, from economic investment to even lives. And that says nothing of the obvious and enormous geopolitical significance.

It’s one of the reasons we continue to look to the future and invest heavily in research and development to create new, high-end inspection techniques that transform the asset inspection industry.

And as the defence industry grows in the years to come, more and more suppliers looking to get a piece of the pie will also need to ensure their own essential assets are up to the task.

Our non-intrusive, remote robotic inspections and custom inspection solutions ensure inspection excellence and asset integrity for all players in the defence sector who engage us.

Whether private businesses or government, we have the tools and knowhow to play a key role in strengthening Australia’s defence industry through quality assurance and helping inspect and maintain pivotal assets.

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