Always committed to innovation and leading industry forward, we’re excited to announce our recent partnership with Brewed Engagement Extended Reality (BEER) Labs Pty Ltd, a company devoted to the research and development of savvy new software solutions that push the boundaries of what’s possible.

As BEER Labs’ first ever partner, together we will chart the way to a better tomorrow.

Indeed, the possibilities and potential for new non-destructive testing and evaluation solutions are thrilling—in fact, they almost seem like the stuff of science fiction.

We’re proud to continue our work investing in and shaping the future of industrial asset inspection. Specifically, with BEER Labs, we’re combining the latest in cutting-edge augmented reality (AR) and non-destructive testing (NDT) technology.

So, what’s this AR buzz about? And how will it make a difference?

Simply, AR embeds computer-generated content into your view of the real world, allowing you to see relevant and useful information about your environment without having to take your eyes off the task you’re performing.

Figure: Here, a user wearing a head-worn display observes a freshly welded oil sump (A), and with the combination of AR and NDT tech, the user sees the results of an NDT scan directly over the scanned fresh welds (B), allowing them to quickly and accurately identify where and how severe any compromised assets are!

Researching and developing this remarkable software and hardware is difficult, which is where our game-changing partnership with BEER Labs comes in.

Incredibly, it was the technology behind this project alone which underpinned the recently awarded Australian Research Council grant in collaboration with the University of South Australia, worth over 1.5 million Australian dollars.

And, believe it or not, creating an AR application isn’t far beyond what skillsets are needed to create video games!

It is BEER Labs’ mission to train local avid game developers to become AR specialists, bringing this technology into the field where it has the most impact.

Figure: A group of plucky young game developer undergraduates embark on their first adventure as AR developers, with lead director of BEER Labs, Dr Damien Rompapas (wearing his eccentric getup), leading the charge.

NDE Solutions and BEER Labs are excited to bring this amazing, advanced technology into the industrial workspace of non-destructive asset inspections.

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