Now offering drone inspections for hard-to-reach and remote sites

At NDE Solutions we are proud to announce that by partnering with trusted suppliers we now offer non-destructive asset inspection services using highly innovative airborne UAVs and underwater ROVs.

No longer is there a need to enter confined spaces for visual inspection, and no longer are those impossible-to-reach sites impossible to reach.

Drone technology is changing the game, and makes non-invasive, critical asset inspection easier and more powerful than it’s ever been.

Whether up above or down below, we can utilise this leading technology to go where ordinary people cannot—and also go where maybe they can but faster, more safely and with less detrimental impact to the environment.

By remotely controlling drones to inspect your key assets—all without interfering with your regular operations—our master technicians can provide the intelligence you need to avoid asset failure and instead make strategic decisions about asset life.

Through comprehensive imaging (optical, thermal and more), surveying and mapping, our asset-inspecting drones will collect valuable data that will empower you to reduce unnecessary costs, drive efficiencies and achieve your industry goals.

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