Specialised NDT Inspections

Specialised non-destructive tests that give you extra confidence in the integrity of your assets.

  • Eddy current array inspections to identify cracking without the need for costly coating removal.
  • Guided wave (LRUT) to rapidly screen large pipe sections for corrosion anomalies.
  • Phased array ultrasonic mapping to identify corrosion extent and severity.
  • Phased array ultrasonic inspection of exotic metals and composites.
  • Phased array ultrasound and total focus method provide for 3D modelling and monitoring to identify cracks and assess their growth, allowing highly accurate fitness-for-service calculations.
  • Implementation of screening methods to cover large areas and determine areas of concern, with secondary backup verification to assess degradation severity.

Coming Soon

  • Tube inspection—EC and ECA, NF and NFA, IRIS.
  • Drone inspection—visual and ultrasonic drones.
  • Acoustic emission testing available on request.
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